Western Legends Press

PO BOX 1226

Hollywood, California 90078



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  1. I’d be interested in submitting to forthcoming projects after chatting to an author I know in Demonologia Biblica. Any ‘windows’ coming up?


  2. Gary: we don’t have anything open for short stories in any anthologies at the moment. Stay tuned. We’re working on 2014-2015. I’m interested in novellas at the moment. Thank you for your interest.


  3. Hi John, I’m curious if you are doing any soft cover perfect bound books in digital quantities from 10 or 20 up to 500 or 600. (???) If so maybe we could be a great resource for you. Here’s a link to our website. Let me know if you’d like to get some quotes on upcoming projects. Both our website and Facebook page can be accessed at:
    Thanks John.
    Best regards,
    Larry Johns / Publishers ExpressPress / 715-415-0989


  4. Hi Johns,

    I have an 18,000 word novella that I was wondering if you would be interested in. Is there a way to send it or should I wait until you are open for submissions?

    James E. Guin


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