Unnatural Tales of the Jackalope

Our first book, “Unnatural Tales Of The Jackalope” is now available through Amazon.

It’s only $7.95 for a nice, printed copy —


A bit cheaper for the Kindle version —


Here’s the Table Of Contents:

  • An Introduction from Casie Smalls
  • The Loneliest Jackalope – Jeff Strand
  • Running With Jackalopes – Sèphera Girón
  • The Night My Jackalope and I Fought the Chupacabra – Rick Pickman
  • Thumping – Rachel Towns
  • The Thing Inside – Kristi Petersen-Schoonover
  • Beware of the Danger – Brenda Knutson
  • The Mascot – Michael Bailey
  • The Easter Jackalope – Jack Horne
  • Tangle Crowned Devil – David J. West
  • Miles and Miles Still – Eric S. Grizzle
  • New Jackalope City – Aaron J. French
  • Johnny Versus the Creatures – D.T. Griffith
  • Wayward Gulch – Erik Williams
  • Cautionary Tales – Abbie Bernstein
  • The Holy Carrot and the Horned Hare – Matt Kurtz
  • Dear Jack – Misty Dahl
  • The Jackalope and the Jellybean – Fawn
  • War Dance – Jezzy Wolfe
  • Same Kind Of Bad As Me – Dean M. Drinkel
  • Drawn To The Light Of Science – Mike McCarty

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