A Message from the Slave State

Slave State cover 5

Chris Kelso’s fabulous novella, “A Message From The Slave State” is now available worldwide in both print and Kindle formats. This is a very exciting book.


Everyone gets their message through sometime. Dan Smear is on the run. It won’t be long until the Slave State finds him and makes him work in a forced labour enclave for the duration of his pathetic little life. But Smear doesn’t know that he has another very real threat in keen pursuit – Denny Carr, the boy from Shell County who just brutally murdered his own father and who now wants bloody vengeance on Smear. Meanwhile Mr M is working as a covert agent for the Slave State and with the promise of a starring role in the hottest new soap opera, he’s dedicated to the cause… You can’t run away from the Slave State…

About the Author

Chris Kelso has been printed frequently in literary and university publications across the UK, US and Canada. Along with Garrett Cook he is the co-creator of the anti-NewYorker journal Imperial Youth Review.

What folks are saying about Chris Kelso

“Sparky, modern, avant-garde but accessible, Chris Kelso’s book is reminiscent of the most successful literary experimentation of the 60s and 70s, the sort of work that was published in the later New Worlds, but it’s also thoroughly contemporary, intimately engaged with modern life as it is right now. Kelso steams with talent and dark wit and his blend of anarchy with precision is refreshing, inspiring and utterly entertaining . . .” – Rhys Hughes, author of Mister Gum

“Chris Kelso is a writer of almost intimidating intelligence, wit, and imagination. On every page there is evidence of a great mind at work. Just when you’re wondering if there are actually still writers out there who still feel and live their ideas out on the page, I come across a writer like Kelso, and suddenly the future feels a lot more optimistic. I look forward to seeing what he’s capable of in the longer, novel form: it’s a tantalising prospect. To wear his influences as smartly as he does – one calls to mind Burroughs, and Trocchi’s more verbose offerings – whilst remaining uniquely himself, in a writer as young as he is, is a very encouraging sign: one of maturity that belies his youth. I look forward to reading more from him in the near future.” – Andrew Raymond Drennan, author of The Immaculate Heart

“Chris Kelso’s prose swaggers like blues and jitters like bebop. Dig.” – Nate Southard, author of Down and Just Like Hell

“What I love best about Kelso’s work here is his sense of style – It’s casual, minimalistic, unpretentious, and fun to read, something that’s missing from most fiction these days.” – Carlton Mellick III, author of Satan Burger

“Whether he’s writing about a fictionalized William Burroughs, Time Detectives, or Aliens Chris Kelso aims at the interstices or the Interzones because he understands that these are the people and spaces that define modern life – Kelso is also always funny and twisted.” – Douglas Lain

“Kelso’s writing is a gut punch of humor and horror.” – David W Barbee, author of A Town Called Suckhole

“Choke down a handful of magic mushrooms and hop inside a rocket ship trip to futuristic settings filled with pop culture, strange creatures and all manner of sexual deviance.” – Richard Thomas, author of Transubstantiate

“This emerging journeyman of the macabre has wormed his way into my grey-matter and continues to seep noxious ichor. I feel like I must devour him. Every little bit of him.” – Adam Lowe




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