WESTERN LEGENDS aims to put out books that are unique to our sensibilities. We are looking for interesting, bizarre books – stories and projects not normally explored. We want to be a home for those sort of projects and books. It’d be amazing to find an audience for these books and works. What can we do? Lots. We have a team of great artists and editors, and we’ve also got a good bunch of storytellers ready to go.

Our first book is a great example: Unnatural Tales of the Jackalope collects short stories all concerning the strange, legendary Jackalope. It’s affordably priced, which is a big issue for us, to make these books available to everyone. So far everyone’s been enjoying the book. We’ve got lots more to come over the next decades and centuries to follow. (Come on! Being a little silly about the decades and centuries thing, okay?)

We’re releasing a trilogy of Latin-named lexicons from editor Dean M. Drinkel over the next year, with the first arriving in March, the second over summer, and the last in time for your stockings. Chris Kelso’s novella A Message from the Slave State is now available, and in short order, Loren Rhodes’s Wish You Were Here will be finalized.

See you all on the outside.


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