The Grimorium Verum – Table of Contents Revealed

Grimorium-Verum-cover-front-FINALWestern Legends is excited to reveal the table of contents for our newest publication and third installment in the Tres Librorum Prohibitum series: The Grimorium Verum. Edited by Dean M Drinkel, the collection of 26 stories will be released soon.

Foreword – John Palisano
Introduction – Dean M. Drinkel
A Is For Annis – Tim Dry
B Is For Balefire – Raven Dane
C Is For Creature – Justin Miles
D Is For Drawing Down The Moon – Jan Edwards
E Is For Eihwaz – Adrian Chamberlin
F Is For Fury – Christine Morgan
G Is For Ghede – Emile-Louis Tomas Jouvet
H Is For Herb Law – Phil Sloman
I Is For Iya and Iktomi – Christopher Beck
J Is For Jimson Jane – Lily Childs
K Is For Krieg – Dan Russell
L Is For Legends – Amberle L. Husbands
M Is For Magic, Madness and Mayhem – Andrew Taylor
N Is For Nightmare – Sylvia Shults
O Is For Ordeal – Chris Dougherty
P Is For Poison – Tej Turner
Q Is For Quackery – Tracie McBride
R Is For Radix Omnium Malum – Mike Chinn
S Is For Slinky, Seedy & A Cool, Calming Womb – Martin Roberts
T Is For Transformation – D.T. Griffith
U Is For Umbilical – Anthony Cowin
V Is For Voudon – Lisa Jenkins
W Is For Writer’s Block – Barbie Wilde
X Is For Xaphan – John Gilbert
Y Is For Yearning – Amelia Mangan
Z Is For Zabriskie Grimoire – Mark West


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