Announcing the release of The Bestiarum Vocabulum

The Bestiarum Vocabulum - cover spread

Western Legends is proud to announce the second publication in the Tres Librorum Prohibitum series, The Bestiarum Vocabulum. A collection of 26 horror and dark fiction stories about 26 different beasts of various legends and folklore.


Emile-Louis Tomas Jouvet, Jan Edwards, Martin Roberts, Lisa Jenkins, Peter Mark May, Raven Dane, Joe Mynhardt, Rakie Keig, D.T. Griffith, Mark West, John Palisano, Amelia Mangan, Robert Walker, Christine Dougherty, Tim Dry, Nerine Dorman, Dean M. Drinkel, Christine Morgan, Tej Turner, D.M. Youngquist, Jason D. Brawn, Lily Childs, Andy Taylor, Sandra Norval, Adrian Chamberlin, and Barbie Wilde.

Cover illustration by James Powell

Edited by Dean M. Drinkel

Now available on Amazon.

Amazon US

» Paperback
» Kindle eBook

Amazon UK

» Paperback
» Kindle eBook

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  1. Reblogged this on xzistenz and commented:

    Excited about my latest story publication, “I Is For Imp: Ma’s Good Boys,” appearing the new anthology The Bestiarum Vocabulum, edited by Dean M. Drinkel. I thoroughly enjoyed writing this story, mixing humor and dark situations. Contains some horror elements too!


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